Kelly Prickle Chain Modules

Strength and reliability, to just get on with the job


Strong, light and adaptable these trailing modules give a one pass levelling and closing for efficient seeding and tillage.  They are also recognised as having a packing effect to provide optimum seed to soil contact for even germination.


Technical Specifications

Prickle Chain


The Kelly Prickle Chain is self-cleaning; the angle of the orientation of the spikes prevent or reduce residue build up


They are especially effective in situations where stubble residue is present. The chains roll and gently pack the soil while leveling ridges and filling furrows. Straw and weed material are lifted to the surface and left as a mulch.

The mulch has the effect of sheltering the soil surface from wind and sun, reducing evaporation. The mulch acts to slow down wind and water movement over the soil surface, creating a zone of zero velocity that protects the soil from erosion.



This is the strongest prickle chain module frame on the market


The modules  provide 1.5m coverage as standard. Module beams can be shortened to provide a customised fit for your machine.

Weight is kept to minimum while providing ‘strength and reliability.




All brackets are fully adjustable to make for easy mounting to your machine,


The module assembly comes with mounting brackets and hardware ready to install on 75mm & 100mm frame sizes. Working angle can be easily adjusted for optimum performance.

Clever design of the mounting hardware suits double fold machines and supports the modules,even when folding the machine tips them upside down.

Swivels & Bearings


The smooth round swivels reduce wrapping and provide long and trouble free working life.


The tough and flexible nature of the prickle chain resists damage from stones and other obstacles. The proven, sealed bearing units are super reliable and can be serviced.