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Kelly Engineering Disc ChainDisc Mulch Chain

An innovation unique to Kelly Engineering is our Disc Mulching range of Chains. The robust and versatile Disc chains are ideal for paddock preparation, weed residue and stubble management, weed control, stimulating germination, filling wheel ruts, leveling, seedbed preparation and seed, chemical and fertiliser incorporation.

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Kelly Engineering Diamond PrickleKelly Prickle Chain Air Seeder Harrows

Prickle Chains are used to level the soil surface following a tillage operation. The chains roll and gently pack the soil while levelling ridges and filling furrows, all the while leaving weeds and stubble on the surface.

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spk_3151Comb Trailers

Strong, heavy duty trailers for all header combs including belt pickups fronts.

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Kelly SmootherKelly Smoother

This innovative tool uses the proven technology from our Diamond Harrows and focuses on the problems of levee banks, roadways, small fields and low horsepower.

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Pea Pickup Fronts

Kelly Pea Fronts are still perfoming strongly in the field. Although we are not currently producing the units we do still support customers with spare parts and repairs.