Farming, one of the most ancient activities of humankind, has come a long way since its inception. What was once performed completely via human and animal labor is now mostly reliant on machinery. And in this age of technological revolution, the agro-industry is facing a major shift.

The new range of farming machinery that has been made available to the market not only makes the farming process easier, but it also provides cost and time effective methods of farming. In this article, we take a look at 5 modern farm equipment from the house of Kelly Engineering.

Kelly Tillage System

This unique product with its diamond-shaped harrows and disc-chain mechanism is nothing short of revolutionary. It is indeed the best means of removing stubble and weeds, and it performs the process in a manner that ensures the provision of nutrients back into the soil. Furthermore, it helps create a smooth and even seedbed with the least amount of effort possible.

The Kelly Tillage System is undoubtedly the best piece of equipment a farmer can invest in. It protects soil quality and integrity and is a very low-cost equipment overall. What’s even better is that it requires almost no maintenance cost and is sure to last you through the years.

Tracking trailer

Gone are the days of having to maneuver your trailer after every round of seeding. The award-winning Kelly tracking trailer features steering for both front and rear wheels making it one of the most maneuverable equipment that a farmer can attach to their tractor. It is lightweight, can accommodate any size of header comb, and can transport any item necessary.

Apart from the Kelly Tillage system, this is one of the most used equipment from the house of Kelly Engineering. It is guaranteed to make your combing process 100% hassle-free even within the tightest of places.

Prickle chain systems

The prickle chain can be fitted with a variety of seeding equipment to provide a top-notch mulching experience. It cuts through all forms of weeds and stubble ensuring that the mulch covers the topsoil in an even manner. This protects the soil from wind, rain, sun, and also reduces evaporation of groundwater. It is quite lightweight and easily maneuverable and highly efficient for any form of seeding process.

The maximum area covered by the Kelly Prickle Chain is 15 meters, but it can be shortened as per particular necessities. This optimum performance machine is a must-have for any professional farmer who wishes to get the most out of their farming process with the least amount of effort required.

Comb trailers

If you were on the search for a comb trailer that can survive harsh field conditions you have found the right one. With a flexible chassis and 10.5R15 tires, this comb trailer will be the last heavy equipment you will ever need for your farming process. It can be fitted with literally any mount due to its beam-based construction and the ball brace turntable feature allows it to be maneuvered with absolute ease.

The Kelly range of comb trailers is widely available through the Australian subcontinent and this is an example of modern farm equipment that should be a part of every farmer’s arsenal.

Smoother systems

Yet another unique equipment developed by Kelly Engineering, the smoother uses a diamond-shaped harrow that can work on any levee breaks and bring them down to a uniform level. The smoother system is also the perfect equipment for repairing broken farm roads in the most proficient manner. The Kelly Smoother System is the best tool to increase the productivity level of your farm.

Furthermore, it can be fitted with a Kelly disc chain mechanism which allows it to take on the dual role of a digging machine as well. And since these discs are perfect for any type of field, you will be able to use the Kelly Smoother system regardless of the particular requirements of your farm.

Step into the next era of farming with the help of Kelly Engineering. We are dedicated to bringing you the best farming equipment at the best cost and quality.